What I Do

Mostly I waste my time with stuped things instead of doing the important ones. Procrastination should be my second name. Except that I also do a lot of not important things such as making pointless emojis, playing the guitar or going outside. I'm sure no one is interested in that. BUT I also do something what might be interesting. Probably not but I don't want to leave blank space here. Taylor Swift could see it and write some names here and I'm not sure if I want this.

I draw

Yes, I draw and you can see some of my master pieces in gallery or at DeviantArt. I draw since I can remember, I mostly drew horses, but now I added dogs and people to my repertoire. I went to an art school, which didn't teach me anything, like everey other school.

I paint

I prefer digital painting with help of a graphic tablet. I never enjoyed normal painting, it makes a mess and I need to clean it afterwards...nothing for me. I started to make digital paintings only this year (2015) and I don't have many creations yet... Wait for them.

I design

I started make some graphic designs a long time ago, probably in 7th class (I don't remember dates very well, actually I don't remember anything). Mostly it is raster graphic, I'm not a big fan of vector, but I've done some things in vector and I'm not going to publish them.

I code

Maybe you think I should stop, but I'm multifunctional person and past everything above I still have time for coding (I have no time for anything) I don't code for a long time (from november 2014) and mostly I make webs. For example, this one